Architectural Acoustics, Noise and Vibration Control

The science of architectural acoustics, noise and vibration control embraces the design of non-industrial indoor environments to achieve acceptable levels of privacy, communication and comfort for the building occupants. Acoustical issues include room shaping, reverberation control and separation of spaces. Noise issues encompass design of the building envelope, placement and isolation of mechanical spaces in relation to noise-sensitive occupancies and design and control of ventilation, exhaust and air conditioning systems. Vibration issues include the control of walker-induced vibration and vibration isolation of major mechanical systems.

In the case of new construction, it is always better to address the above issues during the early design phases of the project. At this stage, advice on building layout can be provided to avoid incompatible adjacencies. Structural issues can be addressed so as to limit vibration. Early attention to these issues is advised also for tenant improvement and refurbishing projects in existing structures.

The staff of Colin Gordon Associates is experienced in all aspects of architectural acoustics, noise and vibration control, including the diagnosis and solution of problems in existing building spaces.

Consulting and Design Services:

  • Selection of acoustic, noise and vibration criteria

  • Advice on room shaping and wall treatments

  • Input on space planning and layout

  • Input on structural designs to control vibration

  • Development of noise and vibration control for mechanical systems

  • Problem diagnosis and development of solutions

  • Inspections during construction

  • Pre- and post-construction measurements

Facility Types:

  • Hotels and resort complexes

  • Convention and conference centers

  • Corporate headquarters and office buildings

  • Libraries, museums and educational facilities

  • Government facilities

  • High-tech research and production facilities

  • Laboratories