Facilities for Vibration Sensitive Equipment

Instruments and tools that are extremely sensitive to acoustic noise and vibration have been developed in recent years. Often, because of space and operational considerations, this equipment must be located above grade on column-supported floors that are much less dynamically stable than floors supported on grade. Often, these tools are required to operate in cleanrooms that require substantial sources of mechanical power (fans, chillers, pumps, etc.). Vibration and noise are by-products of this power.

Colin Gordon Associates has a unique and international reputation for the expertise offered in the design of low-vibration environments for the microelectronics and biopharmaceutical industries and for the medical, university and research communities. Our input to projects generally encompasses all phases of the design and construction process, including site selection, programming and concept design, design development, final documentation, construction and final evaluation.

We are frequently called on to assist with tool hook-up and the design of tool support systems, and to monitor vibration during construction and tool relocation. Colin Gordon Associates works with the manufacturers of instruments and tools on design issues, sensitivity analyses and vibration isolation. Our work with the microelectronics industry extends throughout the world – North America, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and Asia.

Consulting and Design Services:

  • Site Evaluation

  • Foundation and structural design
  • Mechanical design and specification
  • Selection of design criteria (vibration and noise)
  • Vibration isolation and noise control
  • Problem solving
  • Vibration and noise measurements and monitoring

Facility Types : 

  • Nanotechnology
  • Microelectronics fabrication
  • Biotechnical and pharmaceutical plants
  • University research
  • Particle physics research
  • Medical and healthcare buildings