Vibration, Noise, and EMI Measurement

Accurate and sophisticated measurements are an essential component of the services offered by Colin Gordon Associates. The firm uses portable, battery-operated systems for collecting both sound and vibration data in operating facilities and buildings on "greenfield" sites and in residential neighborhoods. Our vibration monitoring systems, customized to the needs of vibration-critical facilities, can track and archive conditions over periods of weeks, months and years and provide warnings when preset limits are exceeded.

Colin Gordon Associates uses an electromagnetic shaker system to evaluate the dynamic characteristics of building structures and the vibration sensitivities of metrology, fabrication and medical "tools". We can also evaluate the acoustic noise sensitivities of tools.

Our range of acoustical instrumentation includes an intensity analyzer that allows us to quantify the sound power radiated by fans, pumps and other machines.

Consulting and Design Services:

  • Acoustic analyses
  • Noise and Vibration measurements
  • Sound intensity measurements
  • Electromagnetic field measurements

Areas of Application:

  • Greenfield site evaluations
  • Interim and final evaluations
  • Structural dynamics studies
  • Environmental noise surveys
  • Long-term monitoring
  • Performance testing
  • Diagnostic studies